Best Ways to Move a Collection

October 10, 2019

Whether you have a prized vinyl album collection of classic rock, a rack of vintage wines or an antique collection worthy of a museum, when you’re facing a move, you may panic a bit wondering how to best move such a large amount of valuables. Follow these steps to make sure you’re well prepared to relocate your collection through packing, moving and beyond.

Get it Insured

You may want to take out collectibles insurance in the event you have a high-value collection. Call up your insurance company and ask if they offer it.

Next, compile a list with an inventory of items in your collection. This is not only good for keeping track of things during a move, it can also come in handy if you plan to have your collection appraised.

Take Photos

Photograph as much of your collection as possible, for peace of mind as well as for insurance purposes. You may have forgotten that a couple of pieces of your China collection had chips in them, but by taking photos you will be able to compare it to the pre-move status and determine if the chips happened during packing and moving, or if they just always had defects. Taking “before” photos helps keep track of “mint” status as well as any pre-existing imperfections.

Pack Items Carefully

Every collection type is different and comes with different packing requirements. Here are some examples:

  • Record collection: Place each record in its own plastic sleeve, then place vertically into a well-labeled box. Remember that excess heat can warp vinyl records, so be sure to get your collection to your new home as soon as you can, if you’re moving in the summer.
  • Wine collection: You should pack corked wines on their side or upside down in the box so the corks stay wet. Refrain from packing open bottles. Take into account the temperature the wine should be at during moving and do your best to keep your collection at the optimal temperature at all times.
  • Vintage toy collection: Seal each toy individually in bubble wrap and separate in little plastic baggies if necessary. If they are still in their original packaging, gently stack them in a waterproof plastic bin, placing bubble wrap between each toy for extra padding.

Label Boxes Clearly

Clearly label all boxes and bins with words like “fragile,” “dolls,” “China set” and “records.” You don’t want them to get misplaced or end up underneath other boxes. You also don’t want them moved in a way that is not conducive to keeping your collection in optimal condition. Take it a step further and label the boxes with the contents and the rooms in which they’ll be going in. This will help the movers and any friends or family to know exactly where to place them.

If you’re super worried about the actual move, such as when you have a very valuable or fragile collection, it’s in your best interests to hire a moving company to help you pack and move.

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