Best time of year to sell a home and move in Kansas City

August 3, 2016

Living in Kansas City, you may be wondering what the best time of year is to move. If you’re planning on selling your home and making a subsequent move, it’s important to know the optimal times to do this, in order to ensure a seamless process from start to finish. Maximizing your move is all about timing. 

Optimal Times to Make Your Move

Spring has traditionally been the best time to put your home on the market. It’s a no-brainer as to why: the weather in Kansas City is nice, people are thinking about fresh starts, and houses and their corresponding yards look their very best, what with landscaping and flowers. Data from the real estate industry shows that May and June have the highest numbers of homes on the market.

In addition to that, families are eager to get into a new home well before the end of summer so their kids can be established in their new school system by September. Putting a home on the market in spring means it will hopefully sell in the summer, avoiding the need to pull kids out of school at the end of their current school year. Add to that the fact that it’s much easier to stage and show a home in nice weather, as buyers emerge from the hibernation of winter and are ready to start anew. According to, 50 percent of homes are sold in the months of spring and summer.

Worst Times to Make Your Move

The holidays generally represent the worst time to sell your home — basically from Thanksgiving through New Year’s. That’s because buyers are preoccupied with entertaining for the holidays, buying gifts, and decorating their homes. That means tensions are high, funds are low and budgets are tight because they’re thinking more about Christmas presents than large purchase such as a new home. Due to all this, you’re more likely to get low-ball offers if you attempt to sell during this part of winter, says The Huffington Post.

That being said, winter does have its fair share of home sales. Studies show that home listings in early winter (November) have a higher likelihood of selling more quickly and getting closer to asking price than other times of the year. And although the holidays are a low time to sell and move, a surge in homes listed in mid-winter (February) is experienced by home markets in KC and beyond. These sellers are motivated and don’t need to wait till spring to make their move. 2014 stats show 74 percent of homes put on the market in February sold within 90 days, with nearly 15 percent selling for higher than asking price.

Making the Most of Your Move

Regardless of when you list your home for sale, the best time to move will always be spring and summer, and even into fall, as the weather is pleasant and you can move your belongings without the threat of winter storms. Snowfall can really throw a wrench into your moving plans, so unless you can’t help it, plan your move for late spring, summer or early fall. Your trusted residential movers can help you with this.

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