Smart Advice When Moving During the Holidays

December 15, 2021

Whether your move is due to a job relocation, military orders or another life event, moving doesn’t always wait for the most convenient time. In fact, it seems like it happens at the most inconvenient times! If your move lines up with the holidays, you may start to panic at first. But you’re not alone. Many people decide to move at the holidays, and it can be done – provided you have a trusted mover on your side and you have an established plan.

Moving at this time can be hectic, but if you follow these holiday moving tips, you will ensure a seamless relocation.


Consider how much time you have before moving and block off a month before that on your calendar if possible. Allow yourself at least four weeks to pack your home. Of course, you can pack in a quicker timeframe, but if you don’t want to rush, a month is the minimum you should allocate. If you rush things, you’ll just add more stress on top of the usual holiday confusion.


If you are the forever host or hostess for holiday parties, consider skipping your duties this year. Ask another family member or friend to have the party at their house so you can concentrate on the tasks ahead of you. This way, you won’t have to stress over cleaning your home – a daunting task when you’re in the middle of packing up rooms.

You can also promise to pick up hosting duties again next year by having the party at your new house. But if you love to entertain and don’t want to give up hosting, keep expectations realistic. Don’t invite as many people, host a potluck and have each person bring a dish, or have the party catered so you don’t have to cook and clean.


Once your holiday calendar has been planned out, consider which rooms you can pack during the holiday season. It helps if you aren’t planning to have guests over. Start with the least used rooms and areas first, such as closets, basements, guest bedrooms, craft rooms and storage areas.

It’s also a good idea to create a staging area where you can stock all your moving supplies such as boxes, tape, packing paper, wardrobe boxes and more. If you have a guest bedroom, this is an ideal place to hold your staging area. If you don’t corral all boxes in one place, your house will quickly get overrun with clutter that can be dangerous to live amongst.


Even though you’re packing up during the holidays, you don’t need to display every single item that you usually do. Consider which ones are the most important, such as your ceramic manger scene, a wreath for the front door, and the Christmas tree with limited ornaments. Keep the rest of the stuff in boxes. You can go all-out next year. But for this transition year, give yourself a break and do the bare minimum. Santa will still come to your house!

This is also a great time to purge your holiday decorations. There are likely some broken or unwanted items in your holiday boxes that you can throw out or donate. If the piece no longer serves you, get rid of it. The less you transport to the new house, the more time and money you will save. You can always buy new pieces in the new house as the years go on.

Label all boxes with room names and numbers to place priority on which ones should be opened first once in the new home. Labeling with the rooms will hasten the unloading process and aid the movers in knowing exactly where to put everything.


Moving during the holidays can be extra expensive. Since it’s considered a busy season, the rates are usually higher, plus you will have a harder time choosing the time slot you want. Consider moving during the week instead of weekends to keep costs low. Confirm your reservation a few days before your move. The holidays can be crazy and things can fall through the cracks.

Keep records of all interactions with the moving company in one folder or binder. Keep receipts, too. Having everything in one place will ensure you are organized and ready to go on the day of the move. If there’s a discrepancy with anything, you can whip out your binder and get the proof you need.

At the same time, create a checklist of home services, utilities, and other transfers of service that must be scheduled prior to the move.


To save money on office supplies, check office supply stores for sales on Black Friday, after Thanksgiving, and throughout the month of December. This is when retailers tend to discount office supplies. You can also hit up local liquor stores for empty boxes to use for free. They are usually well stocked for the holidays and have an excess of boxes they will be happy to give you.

Moving during the holidays doesn’t have to be stressful. Remember, curb your holiday hosting expectations and pack non-essentials well ahead of time. If you come up with a plan, a move during the holidays can actually be enjoyable and rewarding. Enjoy the eggnog and Christmas cookies!


Now’s the time to book your holiday move with us if you haven’t already. We will try our hardest to fit you into our schedule according to your specifications. Let’s get things started with a free moving quote. We offer a variety of services to make sure your holiday move goes smoothly, from packing to piano moves. Whether you’re moving locally or over a long distance, check us out for the best rates in KC and beyond.