5 Ways to Make an Office Move More Fun

July 1, 2021

How can you make an office move more fun? Moving your business doesn’t scream FUN to most people. Yet, there are ways you can lessen the stress involved and make it more enjoyable for everyone. Relocations are a fact of life for many businesses who are growing and looking to expand their offices and headquarters. After all, without expansion, growth can’t be achieved. From getting your employees involved in the process to celebrating the little things, here are five ways you can make your upcoming office move more fun. man wearing suit while holding a moving box in his office

1.  Motivate Your Employees About the Move

Before you pack up a single item, you have to get your employees on board about the relocation. First, you have to notify them of the move. Put it in writing, hold a meeting, post notices…whatever you have to do to make sure they know the move is happening, where to, and when. Tell them about the move before you tell shareholders, clients or the public. Empowering your employees starts with keeping them informed at every stage so they feel included. Get your workers excited about the pending move. Tell them all about the bigger office space. Let them know they’ll each have a  bigger office or cube. Thrill them with the new state of the art kitchen, or the fresh cookies baked in the cafeteria every day at 2 p.m. Whatever the perks are, it’s usually the little things that get people motivated. From scenic views to free gym memberships, make your team members eager to try out the new place. If you can afford it, give your employees allowances to purchase furniture for their offices. Put them in charge of how their office will look and function, yet another reason to be on board about the shift. Offer them tours of the new space if it’s local. If not, send them links to virtual tours. Your employees will be especially happy if they learn the new location is closer to their home or their kids’ schools. Send them links of stuff to do in the neighborhood, such as coffee shops, museums, lunch and happy hour spots, etc.

2.  Involve Staff Members

Studies show that employees who are involved in an office move will look forward to it and be more inclined to help out. Hold a meeting and ask your employees which features they want to see included in the new space. Get their input on layout, features, perks, furniture, and even some stress-reducing areas such as break rooms with rock-climbing walls, ping pong tables and video games. Your employees will instantly feel more valued when you listen to their input. Let them express their feelings and preferences about everything from the new color scheme to the layout of their office.

3.     Reward Them

Team members who have contributed on a frequent and involved basis to the relocation should be rewarded for their time and effort. Give out prizes and other incentives to get more people involved. Ask for input on creative conference room names, for instance. If someone stays after hours to help pack, reward them with a gift card to a local restaurant. Incentives don’t have to be costly, though. They can be simple like a coffee mug with the company name on it. Or maybe you could buy pizza for your staff on a Friday afternoon. In the days leading up to the move, make sure to have lots of refreshments on hand, stock the break room with coffee and bagels, and keep the fridge filled with sports drinks and soda to keep them energized. coworkers moving their office while having fun

4.     Celebrate the Move

It’s a big deal to pack up an entire office. Once that goal has been achieved, it’s time to celebrate. You can reward small goals such as packing up the supply closet with coffees from the local coffee shop. Or you could wait till it’s all said and done and throw a party at the new office space complete with catered food and drink. You can even invite clients, customers and business associates to show off the new place. Whatever it is, it’s important to celebrate such a major accomplishment. Give your staff members welcome packets for the new office, building and surrounding city to familiarize them with the area. You can incorporate personalized gifts, too, such as water bottles, keychains, and other small tokens of appreciation. Tell them of your pledge to keep the break room stocked with fresh fruits and water, with the occasional treat, to keep them going through each work day.

5.  Use an Office Mover

A big move of this magnitude certainly would not be possible without the efforts and dedication of your team members. But they can’t do it all. It’s not fair to expect your staff members to haul equipment and pick up large piece of equipment. In fact, it may not be legal and it can definitely raise an issue with worker’s comp. If they were to get injured while helping you move, you could be liable. This is why it’s a must to hire reputable office movers in Kansas City that have experience with your type of relocation. They can safely pack up and transport all your items, from office goods to electronics to furniture, securely and carefully. They know how to lift heavy items, and they bring all the proper supplies to ensure it happens safely and efficiently. Plus their moving trucks are climate-controlled spaces, with convenient features such as lift gates and air-ride suspensions. Experienced movers are skilled in the logistics of your move and can ensure the whole process goes seamlessly. moving proz truck

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