5 Tips for Relocating Your Small Business to KC

July 10, 2019

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Relocation often results when a company is expanding, or when it nears the end of its current lease. Sometimes, a relocation puts the company in closer proximity to the majority of its clients. Whatever the case, expansion for a business is a good thing. As it grows, it needs more office space in Kansas City, a thriving metropolis for businesses of all kinds, particularly in downtown KC.

Finding the right office space for your business isn’t easy, but once you have settled on a new location, it’s time to tackle the next step: the move itself. You can’t make money or be productive when you’re in flux, which is why the move should happen quickly and efficiently. That’s where the right commercial movers will come in.

Check out these five tips to help you relocate your small business in Kansas City.

1.  Create a Timeline for Packing and Moving

Coordinating a move can be a challenge, due to all the expensive equipment and furniture your office has. Take a look at the current situation of your company’s office and compare it with how you want it laid out in the new place. This will also help you determine your moving and packing budget.

Notify employees of the move as soon as possible, ideally four to six months prior. Schedule time for updating the Internet and phone services, and getting all the necessary permits, licenses and insurance policies.

2.  Allocate Resources Wisely

Put your resources to work for you, in the right places. Enlist the help of professional movers to help with packing the delicate stuff. Ask your employees to take on some small tasks, such as packing up their own offices.

3.  Hire Movers and Cleaners Ahead of Time

At least one to three months before the move, book your movers. Once you have that date, hire a cleaning service to ensure you leave the space clean for the next tenant. Hire another cleaning service in the new office to make sure it’s move-in ready.

4.  Notify Your Vendors 1 to 3 Months Beforehand

Don’t miss out on any important necessities or services upon arrival at your new office. You’ll need to hit the ground running, so any disruptions in mail, Internet and phones can be crippling. Be sure to let your vendors know well in advance so they can make changes to your shipping and billing address. Need new furniture or signage? Order it now so it arrives in plenty of time.

5.  Update Your Website, Letterhead and Business Cards

You should do this one to two weeks before moving. This way, everything will be in place and ready for your employees to begin work once they arrive in the new place.

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