5 Things to Do After You Move

August 17, 2016

You’ve probably been so busy preoccupied with the planning of the actual move that you forgot to think about what needs to get done afterwards. There’s plenty, by the way. Your work is never done, and the period right after your move is just as critical as before. Don’t lose steam now! Check out these five things to take care of once you move into your new digs.

1. Change the Locks

If this hasn’t been done already, get the locks changed by a professional locksmith. You can’t be sure who had copies of the key before you became the new homeowners, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. While you’re at it, install new deadbolts for about $10 per lock or — better yet — have the locksmith do it while he’s there. Tip: if you buy the locks you want ahead of time, you’ll only have to pay for labor (typically between $20 and $30 per lock), says House Logic.

2. Check for Drips and Leaks

While the home inspection should have caught anything major as far as big leaks or plumbing issues, don’t hesitate to go through the home and double check. You may find a drippy faucet in the bathroom that you’d like to replace. You should also check the water heater for any leaks as well as running toilets that may need a simple fix. Ignore these now and they can become much bigger problems later.

3. Clean the Carpets

Ideally, you should do this before your furniture is placed in the new home so you don’t have to worry about moving heavy objects around. If you pay a professional to do it, plan on spending about $50 a room, unless you snag a special deal. The other option is to rent a steam cleaner daily and get the job done yourself. These machines do a pretty good job of getting the dirt out, but they may not be as powerful as a professional grade machine.

4. Clean out the Cabinets

This may seem like a tiny task that doesn’t need much thought, but before you add your dishes and cups to the cupboards, take the time to wipe them down, inside and out, with a gentle cleaner, warm water and rag. Replace the contact paper for a fresh start. You may not even realize how many crumbs and spilled sugar can accumulate on the shelves, which can attract ants and other critters into your new home.

5. Know Where the Fuse Box Is

Before you get too comfy in your new home, get familiar with the circuit breaker box. You never know when you’ll need to get to it quickly in the event of a power outage or even just to shut the power down to fix a broken light fixture. Go through each fuse, test it, and label it accordingly.

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