3 Things Kansas City is Famous For

May 19, 2016

Kansas City, the biggest city and second biggest metro area in the Sunflower State, was founded in 1830s and is now the 37th largest city by population in the entire country. Home to 470,000, Kansas City is known for many things, from baseball to fountains. Of course, it also happens to be the service area of Moving Proz, your trusted professional moving company serving the entire Kansas City metro area. Check out these three things Kansas City is best known for.


Lots of them. 200 in fact. The grand cities of Europe have nothing on Kansas City when it comes to water features. In fact, the city planners who developed the city back in the 1800s had Europe in mind when they incorporated all the parks, streets and squares with decorative water displays, says CNN. That is why we focus on being a great moving company for everyone.

They were initially designed for aesthetics, to be sure, but also as a place for horses, dogs and other animals to drink from. From cascading and waterspout to statues and displays, there are fountains of all kinds to be found throughout Kansas City. Even the KC Royals’ home — Kauffman Stadium — has an impressive fountain display that many fans have been caught jumping into. Hey, on a hot day, who can blame anyone from wanting to cool off in some ice cold water?


If you’re into succulent barbecue that falls off the bone, Kansas City is the place to be. From Jack Stack to Joe’s Kansas City, the barbecue on this city can hold its own with any joint down South. Did you know the Kansas City Barbecue Society is based here? This is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and enjoying barbecue, and it happens to be the biggest of its kind globally, boasting 20,000 members. It oversees 450 barbecue contests around the world. From volunteer opportunities to event production, this organization also offers assistance to civic and charitable organizations. Check out the KCBS website which has listings of contests, events, recipes and classes.

Verruckt: Mother of All Waterslides

Perhaps you’ve seen YouTube footage of this crazy high waterslide not for the faint of heart. Schlitterbahn Waterpark contains the world’s tallest waterslide — and yes, its status has been confirmed by the Guinness Book of World Records at 263 steps high. It’s called Verrückt and it reaches more than 168 feet into the air plunging only the most daring down a drop longer than Niagara Falls. Even the biggest daredevils may think twice before climbing what Travel + Leisure called one of the world’s scariest staircases complete with 25 turns.

There’s a lot more to do here at this water park. You can meander along an interconnected river system traversing several mile of rapids, currents, and tidal waves. Tackle death defying water slides and water coasters and try your hand at the waves on the Boogie Bahn surf ride. For kids, there are 13 mini slides, plus you can hang out on the beach, rent a private cabana, or take a soak in a heated pool with swim-up bar.

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