First Things First: What To Pack First When Moving

October 12, 2023

Moving can be time consuming and overwhelming, especially if you have a ton of items to pack and have no idea where to start. Do you begin with the heavy items or the lighter ones? How do you pack fragile items? If you don’t pack items in the right order, the process can become even more stressful. Fortunately, there are ways you can pack to make the transition process easier and smoother. Keep reading for tips on what to pack first when moving.

What Should You Pack First When Moving?

From the cabinets and closets to everything in between, you may be surprised by how many items you’ve accumulated over the years. If the thought of packing all of them seems impossible, don’t fret. There are various ways to help you navigate the daunting task.

Following are several helpful tips.

  • Start with storage. Wondering what to pack first when moving your house? Items in storage aren’t being used and they’re typically already in boxes. This makes belongings in storage the best items to pack first. These items may be in the garage, attic, basement, or a storage unit. You may want to take inventory of the items that are in each storage box and get rid of any you no longer need or want. This can help you consolidate the boxes which means having to move fewer items during the move.
  • Tackle seasonal items. Do you have boxes that contain holiday decorations? If so, pack these away early in the process. If you’re moving, you are likely not decorating for the seasons anyways. Seasonal items may include, for example, artificial Christmas trees and Halloween décor. Additionally, you can pack out-of-season clothes. For instance, if you’re moving during the summer, pack away your winter clothes and vice versa.
  • Pack the most difficult room. By the end of the packing process, you might feel tired and exhausted. That can result in disorganized packing, which you want to avoid when you tackle your most difficult room. For this reason, start on this room early. Difficult rooms to pack may include the dining room or a room that has a lot of trinkets.
  • Carefully pack breakables. If you own fine china (those fancy plates that just collect dust), you can pack it away next. These special occasion items typically won’t be needed in the weeks prior to the move. Carefully wrap each item and be sure to label “fragile” on the boxes. Additionally, you can pack other dining ware and glassware that aren’t being used. If you do have guests over during the packing process, you can use your regular dishes or even paper plates. Your guests will understand.
  • Pack knickknacks, décor, and books. Items that are used for aesthetic purposes can be packed first when moving to a new residence. This may include homewares, pictures frames, candles, books, and artwork. You likely won’t need these items during the move or even for several weeks after it as you’ll be unpacking.

Packing your belongings doesn’t have to be stressful when you follow the right strategies. If you need help packing for a move, Moving Proz has you covered. We offer packing services that can save you time and stress.

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