The Best Doggy Day Cares in Overland Park, Kansas

June 21, 2021

Moving is a hassle. It takes days to round up boxes, pack everything you own, and haul it to a truck only to get to your new house and have hours of backbreaking labor ahead. The hardest part of moving for pet owners is trying to keep dogs from running loose every time the door is opened. When doors are opened and closed dozens of times a day, inevitably dogs get out and run off to see all their neighborhood friends. This can create a dangerous situation for your dog, vehicles passing by, and your neighbors, not to mention being a distraction from moving. Finding the right dog daycare in Overland Park can be a daunting task. Your dog’s daycare provider should understand canine behavior and be able to save the dog’s life if something were to happen. If you don’t have a dog sitter that can do that, leaving your pet behind can be very stressful. When you need help most, these doggy daycares in Overland Park are here to ease the worry of having dogs underfoot while you’re moving:

Pawz at Play

When you’re looking for a safe, healthy place for your pups to go while you’re moving, Pawz at Play is a great option. The environment is upscale and comforting. The owner spared no expense in creating three perfect playgrounds and three separate yards for dogs to romp, run, bark, and play. The lucky dogs that go to Pawz at Play enjoy many amenities aimed at making dogs of all ages and sizes feel pampered, entertained, and cared for. From the moment your dog enters the playground, they’ll walk on rubber floors specially installed to make dogs comfortable. The staff at this doggy daycare ensure dogs are safe and comfortable during their stay. Your doggos will have plenty of social interaction with staff members and other dogs, and your pup will be placed with other dogs close in size, energy, and temperament. While at Pawz at Play, your dog will chew on their favorite toys, swim in one of a few pools, ride the doggy slide, play on the playground, play with one of the playground supervisors, or choose to lounge around on one of the beds, sleep in the sunshine, or watch other dogs play. Naptime is from noon to 1 PM. The personal attention, structure, and social interactions your dog has at this doggy daycare will help build their knowledge, boost their mental health and mood, keep them more physically active, and improve their behavior at home. There are multiple package options available at Pawz at Play. Their daily rate is very reasonable, and their half-day rate is one of the lowest in the area. They have five, 10, and 20-day packages with discounts that grow with the more days you choose and the more dogs you enroll. During the peak season, it’s difficult for them to accommodate drop-offs, so they do encourage making reservations.

Puppy’s Playpen

This doggy daycare has been in business since 2004 and is one of the first doggy daycares in Overland Park to open. It has a number of awards in its portfolio, including the Angie’s List Super Service Award and Leewood Lifestyle’s Readers’ Choice Award. Puppy’s Playpen offers 24-hour boarding for dogs and also does daycare during regular business hours. Their atmosphere is comforting, and they specialize in small to medium-sized dogs. From the moment you walk into the daycare, you can tell it’s designed for smaller dogs. Its fully furnished rooms are perfectly appointed for small and medium-sized dogs. The dogs feel great about coming here because they watch Disney movies, listen to calming music, and play with each other. They offer numerous beneficial dog and cat foods plus a raw food bar. Not only will they keep your pupper well-fed and calm, but they also have a lot of optional extra services, like grooming, extra cuddle time with pets, pictures texted to owners daily, and veterinarian transport services. doggy-daycare-overland-park-area

Happy Pawz

Knowing your dog is loved and happy while you’re away from them is invaluable, but Happy Paws delivers peace and well-being for competitive prices. This is one of the few doggy daycares in the area that advertises a half-day option, which is very nice when you’re moving and only need a few hours to load everything up and hit the road. The staff here are well-trained, and they take care to ensure dogs are always supervised by people who are well-trained and love working with animals. This is a popular doggy daycare in Overland Park, so there are plenty of furry little friends for your pups to play with. Happy Pawz doesn’t charge for services that should already be part of doggy daycare, like walks outside every three hours, cuddles, and love. The only downside is that you need to make reservations for doggy daycare, have an in-person meeting, and let the staff meet your dog so the transition of you leaving them there isn’t devastating. Like other doggy daycares in Overland Park, this one offers boarding, separate playgrounds for different dogs, grooming, and upgradable spa services. Check them out for information about their rates and spa package options.

Camp Bow Wow

Do you remember the thrill and anticipation of going to summer camp as a kid? That’s the same feeling your dog will feel after a day at camp bow wow. This isn’t the type of place where your dog will just be lying around all day, bored and lonely. Camp Bow Wow takes dogs’ health seriously, and that means regular exercise with staff to maintain a healthy weight and eating healthy, nutritious food. Your dog’s mental health is just as important as their physical health, and they’ll be socialized, relieved of boredom and separation anxiety, and prevented from having destructive behaviors while they’re here. The secret to successfully improving dogs’ behavior and health is to keep them busy and give them things to do. Their exposure to staff members and pet parents helps dogs to become better socialized and less aggressive with house guests and friends at home. One of the best parts about Camp Bow Wow is their use of live webcams. It’s easy to check in on your fur baby while you’re away. While there, your dog will have plenty of new friends to play with and will have access to multiple playgrounds and areas to relax and have fun. They can get an optional bath and blow out, get groomed, and have a full-on spa experience while they’re there. They’ll have nutritious food and certified camp counselors that are trained in canine behavior, first aid, and CPR. Don’t forget to check out their pricing and make a reservation.


When you want your dog to be in the best possible environment, you don’t want to put them in a doggy daycare that’s just a place to drop them off for a few hours. You want a place where your dog will stay busy, be supervised the entire time, be exposed to compatible playmates, and eat the most nutritious foods. Dogs are a lot like kids in that they need structure to keep active, have a good time, be happy, and keep learning new things. Dogtopia is a positive environment for your dogs, and leaving them here gives you peace of mind. The staff is well-trained and understands dog behavior. They can identify common emotional issues that crop up with dogs when they’re away from their family and help nip problems in the bud. Dogtopia has multiple playgrounds and playrooms where dogs are paired with a group of dogs that are closest to their size, preferred style of play, and temperament. The idea is to make your dog feel at home, secure, and confident enough to play with strangers even though they’re in a new place. Daycare is scary sometimes, and the staff at Dogtopia are very kind, upbeat, and gentle with the dogs. This doggy daycare in Overland Park has multiple locations, but the Overland Park branch is the best for dog boarding. Not only do they do doggy daycare and short and long-term boarding, but they also do spa services. You can even watch your precious pup at play thanks to webcam services. Don’t forget to bring your dog in to meet staff a few days before leaving them in a long-term boarding situation.

Choosing the Best Dog Day Care in Overland Park

If you’re preparing to move, take time to meet up with dog day care owners and let your dog get to know them. Let your pup explore and see which one they seem to like the most. Compare pricing and come to the decision that fits your financial situation and dog’s preferences best. Moving is difficult enough without having to worry about your dog every time the door opens. Doggy daycare is a huge help. Touch base with these providers in Overland Park and the Kansas City metropolitan statistical area to make reservations now.