10 Reasons Why You’ll Love Living in Overland Park, Kansas

May 10, 2022

10 reasons you will love living in Overland Park, Kansas and why you should move here! Are you newly married, have little ones, or just looking for a new place to live? With the pandemic behind us, many people are looking for career changes, and that means relocation. Overland Park Kansas, in Johnson county, is one of the best cities to live in and raise a family. With a growing population currently at a little under 200,000, Oakland Park, KS ranks number 7 on Money’s 50 Best Places to Live in the U.S. (2021-2022). Stay with us as we dig into the top 10 reasons why this Kansas town is ranked so high and hopefully help you consider it as a place for relocation! lake in overland park kansas

1. Living in Overland Park

Overland Park is a 20-minute drive from Kansas City. This short commute from the city makes it a great place if you don’t want to be in the hustle and bustle of it all. The low population density makes the liveability score above average as this correlates to a happier quality of life. Along with the great commute, if you need to work outside of Overland Park the closest airport (MCI) is only 22 miles away making it a great place to live for those who need to go on quick business trips. Don’t want to take your car, that’s okay because there are buses offered as well! Moving to Overland Park gives you all the benefits of a slower, small-town life without being too far out. There is less traffic, work, crowds, lines, and did we say traffic? It also provides the perks of living in a big city without the frustration of the daily grind. Support networks are limitless, and Overland Park provides anyone with a great and natural environment to thrive. This is the biggest perk of a slower, small-town life is that neighbors and the community are always willing to help here in Overland Park.


There are plenty of areas to choose from to find your perfect home in Overland Park, Kansas. Some of the best neighborhoods are Oak Park, Wycliff, Regency Park, and Nall Hills. All the neighborhoods in and bordering Overland Park are very eclectic. Each neighborhood has its own, individual personality. Make sure to check out all of them to find the right fit for you!


The weather in Overland Park couldn’t be any more enjoyable. It experiences all 4 seasons getting an average of 14 inches of snow per year. The average high in July is about 88 degrees and the low in winter is about 20 degrees.

Pet Friendly

If you are a family of four-legged friends and no kids, do not fear, as Overland Park is very pet friendly. They even have restaurants with special doggie menus like Rock and Brews at Prairiefire! With the wide variety of parks and local pet shops, your furry friend will be just as excited as you about relocating!

2. Cost of Living and Employment

Overland Park’s median household income sits right around $86,000, with some areas being just a little more expensive than others. This brings the cost of living in Overland Park below the national average. Compared to other Kansas cities the average cost of utilities, groceries, healthcare, and goods and services are less expensive. With the cost of living that much lower than the national average it also means that there is a lower poverty rate. According to census.gov, there is 4.3% of the Overland Park population in poverty, and the unemployment rate is also just as equally low. As of 2021, the housing market in the greater Kansas City area was up +10.2%. Houses are on the market for an average of 22 days. Out of a little over 4,000 pending sales 3,900 of them were closed sales. We suggest acting fast if you are planning on moving to Overland Park because the word is home prices are just going to keep increasing since there are limited homes available. Overland Park is home to the headquarters of some major companies such as Spring, Synergy Group, KBP Foods, Waddell &Reed, and Ceco Concrete to name a few. The job market is slowly, but steadily, climbing back up from the hit of the pandemic like most American cities. Choosing to move to Overland Park is a great decision to consider! The job market is so diverse making for a stronger local economy and is healthier than most other metro areas of similar size. This is great if you are a college graduate looking for your first job or just want to change careers. overland park fountains and flowers

3. Children First

If you are looking for a great place to raise your kids or start a family, look no further than Overland Park. Residents here put children first when it comes to spending and creating programs.

Health and Wellbeing

Ther Soccer Complex promotes health and activity that will be fun for all ages. This soccer complex nods to Overland Park being one of the top 10 soccer cities in the US. Genesis Health Club is a local fitness center that offers kids club memberships. By doing this they put kids’ health and fitness at the center while you are working on your own. They also provide an array of activities so your kids will not be bored while you are not around. Parents can breathe because Overland Parks’ crime rate is below the national average. There is a 1 in 45 percent chance you will be a victim of a crime here. Children can go out in the neighborhood and play without fear.


Schools in Overland Park are some of the best. With a variety of public schools and 25 private schools, parents have many options to choose from such as Blue Valley, Shawnee Mission, and Olathe school districts. Between Bule Valley schools (K-12) and Harmony Schools, there are tons of other options for kids to find their groove in education. If you prefer to send your child to private school then try Holy Cross High School. Summer camps are in no short supply here in Overland Park. There are many camps for you and your child to pick from when school is on summer vacation to keep kids occupied. Some of the best summer camps for kids are Music House School of Music, Camp Fire Heartland, and Gage center. Not a parent and looking for higher or continuing education? Overland Park has you covered as well. In the area alone there are 8 educational institutes and 39 more within 50 miles of downtown Overland Park.

4. Local Businesses are a Priority

Let’s say you have dreams of opening your little shop but are hung up on the fact it might not thrive. Maybe you want to start a business but don’t know where to begin. That’s okay because there are many people there to help you and point you in the right direction. Overland Park hosts something they like to call “Local Life” on the 3 Friday of every month. This encourages residents to shop locally and participate in their community. It is always a fun time for residents and business owners alike to participate in this event! This also includes things like farmers’ markets. There are so many farm-fresh options from a huge list of vendors at Overland Parks’ local farmers market. The Overland Park farmers market is a hot spot for locals who want to eat seasonally and live more sustainably while giving back to their community. Relocating your small business to Overland Park will be a breeze with the amount of community support and easy to adapt to the environment. Hiring movers will also make the move for your business and personal life pain-free. downtown district in overland park

5. It’s All About the Food

I know some of you are going to skip right over this section as the south is known for their barbecue, but Jack Stack Barbecue and Brobecks Barbecue in Overland Park are giving the South a run for their money. These restaurants cater to locals and tourists alike for a finger-lickin’ meal you will be coming back for. Overland Park, KS offers an array of cultural food. There are also amazing places like Cozy’s Cafe for a great brunch, Elas’s Ethiopian or Sawa Sushi, and Hibachi. Try Silo Modern Farmhouse for locally sourced ingredients or Q39 South for one of the best burgers in town. Don’t eat meat? Don’t worry, Overland Park has vegetarians covered as well. Mud Pie, Unforked, and the Mixx are just a few options for vegetarians, vegans, and our gluten-free friends. Mud Pie is a great vegan bakery that will make anyone second guess what their dessert is made from. Unforked uses fresh, local ingredients for an interesting spin on their menus. The Mixx is a great salad bar when your at-home salad gets boring. Plant eater, vegan, gluten-free, or someone who eats meat, no matter what you are craving, you are sure to find it here in Overland. A hot tip is to always check out reviews and keep your eyes open. New places are opening up everywhere.

6. Calling All Art Lovers

Overland Park, Kansas is full of art for a variety of art lovers. There is public art everywhere making for a great Instagramable moment. Try seeking out The Walking Man at Johnson Community College or the Shim Sham Shimmy on Metcalf. Sometimes you can even watch artists painting together trying to capture natural light.


Theaters in Overland Park, KS are also a great place to see retro art and be transported back in time. The movie theaters here are vintage both outside and in, there is even a one-screen theater! The Glenwood Arts Theater has been standing since 1967. It is known for hosting live performances as well as showing a variety of movies. You are sure to be tossed back in time from the architecture, staff uniforms, and overall retro feel of this unique building. The White Theater hosts a variety of theater, dance, presentations, and visual art performances throughout the year. They are inexpensive and offer homemade desserts to enjoy before the show!


Museums are available if media art is not your thing. The Nerman Museum Of Contemporary Art at Johnson County Community College is home to some of the region’s most incredible contemporary art and educational programs. This unique minimalist building houses 11 galleries of temporary and permanent collections. There will be something here for everyone. It is said that the Nerman Museum exhibitions can rank alongside some of the exhibitions found in the MOMA of New York. Other great museums in the Overland Park area are the Museum at Prairiefire and the Johnson County Museum. Both of these are great experiences for all ages. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about you music lovers. In the summer Overland Park presents “Music In The Park” every Sunday. You can sit in the park, watch your kids play, bring your dog as long as they stay on a leash, and relax with wholesome free entertainment.

7. Parks and Nature

When moving to Overland Park don’t be shocked as there are a total of 83 parks making it a great place for families. These parks have a mix of trails, places for picnics, playgrounds, and more. Try Overland Park Arboretum and Botanical Gardens as it is a life-like fairytale playground. There are more than 5 miles of trails leading to little pons, plants, and tons of flowers. Overland Park is perfect for those nature enthusiasts or cold weather fans. There are countless outdoor activities to do around the area all year round. The winter provides a great environment for snow sports. Another great park to try out is Indian Creek Greenway. There are tons of bike trails, trees, and fresh air for a great afternoon ride. A great cold-weather activity is going ice skating at Chicken N Pickle. If you don’t have your own skates, they have them for rent. Lessons are also available if you are new to the ice. arboretum in overland park kansas

8. Politics and Religion

For those who are big into politics or religion then these are two factors that might be important for you to consider when moving to a new place. The political climate here is a little more left-leaning than right but it is only slightly more. There is a good balance of politics here. The current Mayor is Curt Skoog. It is said that Mayor Skoog has taken many steps forward to improve Overland Park’s public parks, community operations, and infrastructures. The city is also taken steps to be more environmentally friendly by converting some streetlights to LED lights. Mayor Curt Skoog is putting his best foot forward when it comes to making Overland Park a great place to live for current and future residents alike. He has a stake in the future of the city and wants to see it thrive in the best ways possible. Religion makes up about 55% of the population here in Overland Park. There are options for you to choose from depending on your chosen religion or denomination.

9. Fishing Is a Way of Life

This is not only for retirees, fishing is one of the biggest leisure activities when living in Overland Park. If you don’t know then you might want to learn quickly so that you don’t stick out. In and around Overland Park, KS there are about 12 different areas to fish. According to fishbrain.com,” there have been roughly 24,314 catches for Largemouth bass, 4,008 catches for Channel catfish, 3,520 catches for Bluegill, and many more species in the Overland Park area.” Make sure to keep up to date on fishing regulations as they do change throughout the year.

10. Things to Do in Overland Park

Since Oakland Park is the perfect blend of city and small-town there are countless things for kids of all ages. You will never need to hear the words “I am bored” again, even on a rainy day!

Family Friendly

Not only is Overland Park home to the biggest soccer center around, but there are also a variety of sporting events here as well. Some of the most popular include minor league baseball, roller derby, pro wrestling, pro hockey, basketball, and NFL. It is time to hit the ice, get on the court, take the field- whichever sport tickles your fancy, it’s waiting for you here. Escape Rooms are all the rage, and fun. Overland has a wide variety to choose from, the most popular being Tick Tok Escape Rooms. This is a great family-friendly activity for older kids. Your girls will squeal over the American Girl Doll store. American Girls offers a unique and personal experience so girls can connect with reading. Stores are not available everywhere, so having one so close is a huge benefit. Another great option for kids is Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead. This is not only a great place to spend a day but is an educational experience for all your little ones. This is truly a step back in time for all to experience life on a “turn-of-the-century” Kansas farm. iFly is an indoor skydiving center. It will give you that feeling of flying we always wanted as kids. There are trained experts that will make you feel safe and comfortable as you freefall in a wind tunnel. Being so close to Kansas City has its perks because Legoland Discovery is so close, making for a great day trip right outside your door. This facility is great for kids of all ages. couple moving with dachshund puppy

Just for Adults

Not everyone has little ones running around and that is okay, Overland Park has plenty of things for you as well. You might not think that a small-Kansas town has bustling nightlife but you would be wrong. There are bars, clubs, and taverns depending on what type of vibe you prefer. Touche is a nightclub for those who want to go out and move to the hottest hits of the year. If clubs are not your style and prefer something a little bit more low-key, try Johnny’s Tavern for a relaxed atmosphere. Louie’s Wine Dive and Kitchen 119 offers a more upscale experience. Aubrey’s Vineyards is Overland Park’s first winery and vineyard. They bring Napa Valley wine to the Overland and Kansas City area. They offer a variety of wines in 5 different series and hold plenty of events.

Non-Boozy Adult Fun

If you are looking for a way to de-stress and have fun at the same time you can check out Bury the Hatchet KC. Ax throwing is a safe and fun way to get out some of that stress from the move and office while meeting new people. Relocating can be hard and meeting new people isn’t always easy, especially without kids. If you are making a solo move to Overland Park and aren’t sure what to do, try volunteering at one of the 12 local charities and nonprofits. This is a great way to get out in the community and meet new people while making a difference. Their charities and nonprofits cover a wide variety of associations so you can take your pick of what is personal to you. There are medical-based, educational-based, religious-based, and even a golf association if that is more your speed. Whatever you choose, you will be sure to feel fulfilled by making a difference and making great friends.

Overland Park, Kansas

Take a deep breath and breathe. Moving is always a big option. Relocation isn’t easy and it is a big deal on picking the right location no matter the size of your family. These top 10 reasons are just some of why Overland Park, Kansas is one of the best cities to move to. If you found this article helpful then make sure to check us out for more information or contact us with questions, we would be glad to help. moving proz moving truck64