Moving Houses: Should You Sell All Your Items or Move them

April 10, 2015


Are you planning to move houses? Should you sell all your items or move them to your new home; is this question bothering you?

While moving houses you have 2 options you can either sell all your items and then buy new ones when you move into your new home or instead you can just move them into your new house.

To simplify this decision for you, we have shared the reasons why you should sell all your items or move them while moving houses…

Should you sell all your items while moving houses…

People rarely make the decision to sell all their belongings while moving houses. Most people choose this option only when they are leaving the country and don’t plan on using their belongings for a long time.


The biggest advantage of selling all your items is that you will save on moving costs and energy. You won’t need to spend time to move them by yourself or hire a moving company to do it for you.

Another big benefit of selling your old items is that you will make money out of it. You can then use the money earned to buy newer better items.

If you want to replace your belongings with new ones this can be the perfect opportunity to get rid of them. Also if you are moving abroad and aren’t planning to return for a while and don’t have place to store these belongings, then the best option is to sell them instead of finding a place to store them which will again cost you money, as you never know how well your items will function when you return.


The biggest disadvantage is that it could end up costing you more money. Newer items will definitely cost more than your old ones. So make sure you have some extra budget if you want to go ahead with this step.

Moving items is cheaper…

Moving items has its advantages and disadvantages.


The biggest advantage is that moving your belongings will definitely cost less money than buying new ones. Also you get to keep the trusted belongings you worked hard to get.

If the belongings have served you well in the past, they are most likely to do so in the future too. Hence it would be best to keep what you have.


The biggest disadvantage of moving is that it can be very time consuming and even stressful if not handled properly, especially if you do it by yourself.

So get yourself a good mover if you plan to take your belongings with you. The best option would be sell the ones you don’t need and take the rest.

Should you sell all your items or move them while moving houses? Please leave your comments below.