Moving Guide for Seniors

March 24, 2016

Facing a big move can get seniors overwhelmed very quickly. Perhaps they’re moving out of the home they built with their own two hands decades ago and now they’re moving to an assisted living facility. Or maybe you’re inviting them into your home as they downsize. The loss of a spouse can compound these fears, so it’s important to make the process as easy and comforting as possible.

Moving Tips for Older Adults

Check out these tips for handling the moving process with your loved one. Above all, be kind, reassuring and patient. This transition isn’t easy for them. Not only do they have to face the prospect of aging, they face a loss of control which can be devastating for them.

Purge and Sort

Seniors tend to collect many things over their life times, and now’s the time to get rid of most of it — at least the things they’ll never use. This can pose many feelings of guilt on the part of your loved one, so be gentle when recommending what should be thrown out or donated. Make three piles: one to throw in the trash, one to donate to the needy, and one to keep. If they have a special treasure they can’t bear to part with yet have no space to put it in the new place, why not have them bestow it to a grandchild or other beloved relative?

Draw up Some Plans

Most likely, your senior is downsizing, perhaps transitioning from a three-bedroom to a one-bedroom. That’s a lot of lost space. That’s why you should draw out a layout beforehand to see how much space they will have and how best to arrange furniture. This is when you’ll have to make some painful decisions about what has to go and what can stay.

Go Small

No need to get overwhelmed by tackling several rooms at once. Keep it simple and start with one room. While you handle more arduous tasks, give your senior smaller tasks to handle, such as going through filing cabinets and boxing up sentimental items. Taking baby steps will chop the entire move up into manageable chunks. You can even do this over several days, asking them to devote just 30 minutes a day on one task. They may want to concentrate on seasonal items or little-used items that may be in an attic or basement, suggests Good Housekeeping.

Hire a Pro

The burden of sorting and moving can be made easier with the help of a professional moving company. Movers who specialize in moving seniors can take the emotional component out of the equation to result in more efficient packing operation. Let the moving company figure out the logistics of getting everything from Point A to Point B to take one more burden off your senior’s shoulders. Delegation of tasks is very important in situations like these.

Involve Your Loved One

If you’re allowed to go into the new digs, take your senior there to show it off and talk it up. Get them excited about their new living quarters and show them any amenities they may enjoy. For example, if they’re going to a retirement community, take them to the pool, clubhouse, hair salon or dining area to familiarize them with the layout and offerings.

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