October 15, 2021

Moving is challenging all on its own, even with a just a bunch of boxes, some furniture and all your appliances. But add in large lawn equipment, and you have an even bigger challenge on your hands. First, you’ll have to decide if you want to hassle with the time and expense of taking your lawn mower with you or if you would rather sell it here and use the money to buy a new one at the new destination. There are many factors that play into this decision. It’s certainly a time-consuming process to prepare your lawn mower for transport. Not only do you have to drain it of gas and clean it up, you have to pack, load, and move all your garden care equipment. And if you don’t have the space in the new home, it doesn’t make sense to bring it with you. But let’s say you have decided to bring your lawn mower to your new house. This won’t be an easy task, whether you have a riding lawn mower, a battery lawn mower, a gas lawn mower, or an electric corded lawn mower. It’s always best to have professional movers handle this task so you don’t risk damaging the mower — or your back. Here we will go over when it’s a good idea to bring your lawn mower with you and when it’s a better idea just to leave it behind.


There are many benefits of taking the lawn mower with you, even if it’s a time-consuming process.
  • You get to keep the same mower you have loved for a few years now: If your lawn mower has treated you well and you haven’t had many problems with it, you may prefer to stick with this trusty model. And if it’s relatively new, this is an even better reason to hang onto it. Why jinx things and buy new when you are perfectly happy with your existing mower?
  • You’re familiar with your lawn mower: Every mower is different. Some are finicky but you know just what to do to fire it up. You may be used to the decking on your riding mower and love the ease of the controls. Whatever the case, when you push that mower or sit down on your tractor, you feel comfortable and in control. If you buy a new one, you’ll have to get used to a new one all over again.
  • You can use your mower right away after moving in: When you bring your mower with you, it’s right there for you to use it the first day if you want to. This will likely be the case, especially if the home has been sitting unused for a month or two. The grass will probably be very high and need a good trimming. If you have to run out and hastily buy a mower, you may not make the best decision in the heat of the moment. Plus, there will be a lot of unpacking to do and if you waste time at the home improvement store picking out a new model, the unpacking process will be delayed even longer.
  • You’ll save money: If you don’t have to buy a new mower, you don’t have to spend money. Pretty self explanatory.


There are some instances where it just doesn’t make sense to move your lawn mower to the new place. Consider these factors:
  • You’re on a time crunch: It takes a lot of time to properly prepare, pack, load, transport and unpack your lawn mower. If Moving Day is fast approaching and you just don’t have the time to tackle this task due to moving preparations, your job and your kids, consider selling it beforehand or letting the new owners have it for a small fee.
  • It costs money to transport the lawn mower to your new house: Make sure you really love your lawn mower before you go through the expense of moving it. That’s because it’s a very heavy piece of equipment. Your move is usually priced out by weight, and a lawn mower takes up a lot of space, leaving little room for more important things. If your mower is old, you don’t have any attachments to it, or you’re on a tight moving budget, consider leaving it behind.
  • There’s not enough space: You have to make room for the mower on a rented moving truck, or your movers will have to do the same for the truck they bring. Less space for your other things means you may have to pay for a whole additional truck load, which can pinch your bottom line.
  • The movers may say they can’t move it: Some moving companies will refuse to transport lawn mowers due to safety reasons, especially gas-powered lawn mowers.
  • You won’t need it in the new place: If you’re moving to a home on a smaller lot or in the downtown area where land is tough to come by, you won’t really need a large mower because you will have little to no grass. Also, if you’re moving to a retirement community where all upkeep is covered under your HOA fees and performed by hired landscapers, there is no need to have your own mower. Finally, if you have been doing well in your job recently and are moving to a large piece of property due to a promotion, you may decide to simply hire landscapers to take care of all your lawn care needs.


If you need help moving a lawn mower or any other big piece of equipment, our team can help. We arrive with the proper equipment necessary to get it out of your existing yard, onto the truck, and into your new yard. For your free quotecontact us today.