Kansas City Jobs: Where to Work in Kansas City, MO

March 16, 2022

Are you planning on working in Kansas City? More people currently live in Kansas City than ever before, according to the latest Census data from 2020. People have been flocking to KC thanks to its desirable cost of living and impressive job opportunities. Ranking as the twenty-third cheapest place to live in the U.S. according to U.S. News and World Report, the combination of a great job and a low cost of living can boost your quality of life and your savings account. Are you thinking about moving to Kansas City, or starting to shop around for a new job in the Heart of America? If so, you’ll be glad to know there are a lot of awesome companies across many different industries that offer a lot more than a cubicle to sit in for 40 hours a week. Let’s take a look at the best Kansas City jobs out there, to help you find the perfect new workplace in the City of Fountains.

Construction and Design

There are plentiful opportunities in Kansas City for individuals focused on the construction and design industry. Whether you’re looking for a job in home construction, object design, or commercial architectural design, there’s something for you in KC.

Burns & McDonnell

Burns & McDonnell employs three thousand workers at their campus at 9400 Ward Parkway. The headquarters of the construction engineering company offers employees lots of perks, including a gym, a cafeteria, a coffee and juice bar, a health center, and a dry cleaning service. There’s even an in-house daycare center with space for nearly 150 children. Parents can even keep an eye on their kids while they’re busy at work thanks to webcams, and there are private rooms where mothers can tuck away to nurse their babies. It’s worth noting that the daycare perk isn’t cheap, but the convenience of the situation makes it popular among employees.

Hufft Projects

The team at Hufft Projects is made up of designers, craftsmen, architects, artists, and more. This isn’t your normal office, where a design studio, metal studio, and wood studio are all on the same floor, only separated by brilliant glass walls. Whether you work in the industry of interior design, object design, or architecture, you’re going to want to check out this Kansas City company.


Best known for their sports arenas, this architectural design firm offers an awesome gym for employees that is complete with a personal trainer, showers, towel service, and Plaza views. Workers can also benefit from weekly raffles where they can win tickets to all of the best sports games in Kansas City. kansas-city-bridge-sunset

Summit Homes

According to the Kansas City Business Journal, Summit Homes is the largest homebuilder in the entire KC area. Recently having expanded to Boise, Idaho, and Des Moines, Iowa, this company was also listed as one of the best workplaces in 2021 by Inc. magazine. (Are you moving to Kansas City but want to learn a bit more about the place first? Take a look at this brief history of KC.)

Food and Agriculture

There are a number of big agriculture companies that are based in Kansas City, including the largest dairy co-op in the U.S., Dairy Farmers of America. On top of that, there are a growing number of restaurants and coffee shops cropping up as more young people move to the area and enliven the city.

Oddly Correct

Oddly Correct roasts some of the best coffee in Kansas City. However, it’s also a great place to work for those that are looking to break free from the typical 9-5 mundanity. The founder of Oddly Correct, Gregory Kolsto, believes that a healthy culture is absolutely essential to a healthy and successful business. For this reason, they focus on giving their employees the opportunity to take time to play, rest, grow, and spend time with family. Both their menu and their hours are limited to ensure that work doesn’t take over the lives of the employees.

Culinary Center of Kansas City

There are lots of perks you can enjoy if you pick up a job at the Culinary Center of Kansas City. Focused on holistic health for its workers, you can enjoy subsidized gym memberships and yoga when you work here. You’ll even be encouraged to take what are known as “well days,” instead of sick days, so that you can focus on rest and rejuvenation. Oh, and you’ll even get to enjoy daily chef-prepared staff lunches! (If you’re moving to KC with kids, you’ll want to check out the best children’s activities in Kansas City.)

Dairy Farmers of America

Complete with a bocce and basketball courts, working at the Dairy Farmers of America doesn’t mean you have to sit sedentary for your entire workday. On top of that, they have a fitness center with strength training, yoga, and kickboxing classes as well as a walking trail. The cafeteria at the Dairy Farmers of America offers ridiculously affordable meal options, serving breakfast and lunch for $2 and $4, respectively. The workspace is nontraditional as well, where open cubes and tables have replaced closed-in offices. Lastly, this dairy company offers a stocked milk bar so workers can get their fill of the company’s main focus.


Do you want to work at a company that is classically American? Look no further than Hostess Brands LLC. Producing dangerously sweet little snack cakes under the Dolly Madison and Hostess brand names, this company is located on East Armour Blvd in Kansas City.

Marketing, Advertising, and Media

Kansas City is a great place to be if you’re in the marketing and advertising industry. Below you can find just a handful of the marketing companies that call KC home.


For those in the marketing and advertising business, VML is one of the Kansas City careers worth looking into. With offices not far from the downtown airport, this conveniently located business offers lots of perks for employees. With the option to enjoy locally brewed beer on the upstairs deck during happy hour, regular music showcases, and a gym, VML focuses on creating work-life balance. During the summer, VML lets their employees leave at noon on Fridays. Between Christmas and New Year’s Day, no one comes into the office or even has to check their email. Workers can also volunteer and engage with the community through the VML Foundation. Additionally, they can have donations to their preferred causes made using paycheck deductions that happen automatically, and the company will even match the donation two to one up to $200.

Parris Communications

Parris Communications is a public relations, marketing, and media company that offers innovative company culture initiatives. They understand that the most productive employees are the happiest employees, and they focus on creating an environment that encourages work/life balance and flexibility.

Sullivan Higdon & Sink

Another marketing and advertising agency that offers competitive perks is Sullivan Higdon & Sink. When you work here, you can enjoy in-office yoga sessions on Thursdays and even get free life coach sessions. Every year, employees get $500 to put towards exercise classes or gym memberships.


Located in the Crossroads Arts District, this ad agency offers beer on tap and in the fridge in their mid-century modern office building. Workers here can take a break or get some work done on the rooftop deck, where there are incredible views of downtown Kansas City. On top of that, the office boasts ping-pong tables, virtual reality stations, a coin-operated rocket, and pinball machines. (Are you moving to Kansas City with children? Be sure to check out this article about the best school districts in the KC area.)

Seismic Digital

Seismic Digital is another one of the five Kansas City companies that ranked on Inc. magazine’s list of the best workplaces in 2021. This digital-exclusive agency boasts tons of benefits, including paternity leave, charity days, and more. This company that offers services like design, brand discovery, and search strategy was also named one of the fastest-growing businesses in the Midwest. kansas-city-fountains


When you think of Kansas City, cutting-edge technology companies might not be the first thing that comes to mind. Actually, though, KC can be a great place for tech workers that want to work in top-tier companies in a low-cost of living area.


This tech company focuses on improving education in the US by offering solutions to schools when it comes to finding, retaining, and tracking their teachers. The company is complete with a ‘healthy and happy’ committee, that regularly plans outings for the team.

Google Fiber

Kansas City was chosen as a test site for one of Google’s new endeavors, Google Fiber. One of the fastest networks in the US, the future of broadband is being tested right here in KC. For people who want to participate in changing the way that people connect to the web, Google Fiber offers an exciting opportunity.


Located in the Crossroads Arts District, Crema is a tech agency that offers perks including unlimited vacation, flexible schedules, and free locally roasted pour-over coffee. The founder of Crema, George Brooks, says that offering unlimited vacation doesn’t cause a staffing crisis. Instead, they actually have to encourage their workers to take some time off. Crema focuses on creating custom software for other businesses and was named as one of the best workplaces for 2021 by Inc. magazine.


The internet company Minted has locations in Kansas City and is well-rated in the categories of helping employees create a sense of belonging and putting women in leadership roles. Minted also offers benefits including wellness initiatives, competitive salaries, and healthy employee culture.

Text in Church

Offering a text and email platform for churches, Text in Church also made the list of Inc. magazine’s best workplaces for 2021. Employees are offered flexibility when it comes to working from home and they’re also offered a monthly home cleaning service and a monthly fitness stipend.


This health information technology company offers services, solutions, hardware, and devices to healthcare facilities around the world. When you work for Cerner, you’re a part of a global team of 26,000 employees.


Some of the biggest employers in Kansas City are in the healthcare industry, including HCA Midwest Health System, Saint Luke’s Health System, and Children’s Mercy Hospitals and Clinics. Let’s take a look at some of the best companies in healthcare in KC.

Child Health Corporations of America

There are a number of perks you can receive when you work at CHCA, which is an alliance of children’s hospitals. On top of being able to make a difference in the lives of children, employees also enjoy free lunches, low-cost health benefits, new employee mentors, book clubs, massage therapy, and a whole lot more. (Are your working days over and you’re entering your golden years? If so, take a look at the reasons why you might want to retire in Kansas City.)

Pro Athlete Inc.

If you’re looking for jobs in Kansas City with awesome perks to brighten up your workday, you’ll want to check out Pro Athlete Inc. Even though it is located in an unassuming business park by KCI, you’ll find that the inside of this online sporting equipment retailer’s offices is anything but ordinary. Once you walk through the entryway, you’re overcome with the smell of a freshly oiled baseball glove thanks to the stitched leather wallpaper. Inside, you can find a gym complete with batting cages, a lap pool, a racquetball court, a sauna, and a hot tub. The 52 employees here enjoy tons of awesome perks, including free personal training sessions, massages on Mondays, protein shakes, and more. The dress code is super casual, and employees can even get free haircuts on Fridays and enjoy laundry service.


A number of big financial companies have their headquarters in Kansas City, including H&R Block, Novastar Financial, and UMB Financial Corporation. Let’s take a look at some of the best finance companies to work for in KC.


Another one of the Kansas City companies that work to create tempting perks for their workers is NBKC bank. On every floor of their headquarters, you can find arcades, and there is an outdoor patio, a state-of-the-art gym, and a putting green room. With a focus on play to help boost creativity, this is not your average office. Additional benefits of being an employee at NBKC bank include work-from-home options, four weeks of paid vacation annually, and the opportunity for flexible scheduling. (Are you a business owner moving to Kansas City? Take a look at what you need to do to prepare for relocating your business to KC.)

American Century Investments

Located at 4500 Main Street in Kansas City, American Century Investments is a leading asset manager. Focused on building long-term relationships with clients as well as delivering investment results, this company also supports research with the goal of saving lives and improving human health.

H&R Block

H&R Block is one of those companies that’s so big it hardly needs any introduction. With roughly 12,000 retail tax offices throughout the world, they might be the most commonly known tax preparation company in the U.S. They also offer consumer tax software, electronic filing, and online tax preparation.

UMB Bank

UMB Bank first opened in Kansas City more than one hundred years ago in 1913. What started as a storefront bank has since grown into a multi-billion dollar diversified financial services holding company.

Retail and Consumer Goods

Lastly, let’s check out some of the retail and consumer goods companies that really shine in KC. This is only a sampling, and you’ll be glad to know that there are options out there for people in this industry.


When you work at Hallmark in Kansas City, you’ll find yourself in a fast-paced and rewarding position. A number of former employees have stated that the pay is reasonable, the benefits are great, and the work environment is excellent. The history of Hallmark stretches all the way back to 1910, when a Nebraska teenager took a train to Kansas City. With only two shoeboxes of picture postcards and an enormous dream, the Hallmark we know and love today was born. When you work for Hallmark, you get to participate in a beautiful Kansas City success story.

Lululemon Athletica

Working for Lululemon Athletica receives positive reviews from employees for its work-life balance as well as its pay and benefits. Former employees say that this is one of the best retail jobs you can have, and that the culture is excellent. kansas-city-night-time-lights

Is a Job the Only Reason to Move to Kansas City?

After taking a look at some of the best careers in Kansas City, you might be convinced that it’s time to pack your bags and start heading to the Midwest. However, your job isn’t everything, and you’ll want to make sure that KC is the right place for you. Why else might you be compelled to move to KC over other American cities?

The Cost of Living

One of the most obvious draws to Kansas City is the cost of living. Quite a bit lower than the national average, and significantly cheaper than HCOL cities like San Francisco or New York, Kansas City can be a great place to live where you don’t constantly feel like you can’t keep up financially.

The Things to Do

There are a lot of things to do in Kansas City when you’re not at the office. When you move to town, you’ll definitely want to start checking out some of the barbeque restaurants in the city. There are more than one hundred of them in the metro area, so you have a lot of tasting to do! You can also find plenty of great jazz clubs such as the Phoenix and Green Lady Lounge. For the history buffs out there, you’ll be happy to know that there are a lot of museums and historical spots in Kansas City, including the National World War I Museum and the American Jazz Museum. On top of having more than two hundred fountains throughout the city, there are also plenty of places to spend some time in the great outdoors. There are more than 130 miles of tracks and bikeways, more than 100 playgrounds, and 200 parks in the Kansas City area. On top of that, you can find seven state parks nearby to the area where you can get back to nature and enjoy the area as the first French fur traders would have!

The History

Kansas City is also a place with a fascinating history. Nestled between the Missouri and Kansas Rivers, settlers have found this to be a prime location all the way back to the early 19th century and the French fur traders. Kansas City played an integral role in the Civil War as well as the history of jazz.

The People

Kansas City is a family-friendly city where the average age of residents is 35 and many young couples have children. You’ll find that the people here are classically “Midwestern nice,” and the city is more diverse than you might expect from the outset.

Kansas City Jobs: Which One Is Right for You?

As you can see, there are tons of Kansas City jobs to choose from if you’re going to be moving to the area. In fact, our lengthy list hardly even scratches the surface. No matter what industry you’re in, though, you’ll likely find a job that suits your needs in this growing, vibrant city. Are you planning your move to Kansas City to start an awesome new job? If so, do yourself a favor and let us do the heavy lifting for you. You can book your Moving Proz here. moving-proz-moving-team-denver-kansas-city