How to Reward Yourself After a Move

September 27, 2019

Well, you’ve made it through a long day of moving, and now you face a long unpacking job when you really just want to put your feet up. You don’t want to take too long to settle yourself in, but you shouldn’t feel guilty about taking some time to unwind. If you are ready to reward yourself and your family for a move well done, check out these ideas.

Stay In

Order Takeout

You’re tired and don’t necessarily want to go out but you are understandably hungry. Who has the energy to cook after a full day of moving? Treat yourself and order takeout. Lounge around, take your time unpacking a few things, put on the TV and lie down with a book while waiting for dinner to show up at your doorstep.

Game Night

If you can find where all the board games or card decks are in all that mess, clear a space on the floor or table and unwind for a few hours with the family. Or, invite a few close friends over to share in the fun. A few laughs may be all you need to recharge your batteries.

Movie Night

While it’s unlikely that you already have the TV hooked up at this point, pull out your laptop or tablet and watch a movie – one that the whole family can agree on. Make it easy on yourself and choose a streaming app so you don’t have to hassle with pulling out the entire Blu-Ray collection.

Go Out


Not in the mood for cooking or unpacking your kitchen utensils? Had enough of hanging around? Step out for a couple hours in your new city and try a nearby restaurant. Then, hit an ice cream stand for a sweet treat to reward the kids.


Rather than rush to install the TV or take out the DVD collection, find the local movie theater and take in a flick with the spouse to unwind.


If you hear of a sporting event or theater performance that’s taking place that night, get out for a few hours and unwind. Your house is full of boxes anyway! And it will all be there when you get back, so relax while you can.

Take a Walk

If it’s early enough in the day, take a walk around the block, meet some neighbors, and get the lay of the land so you can get recreational ideas for later, such as a nearby park.

What’s your favorite way to reward yourself after a move?

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