How-to Guide on Moving Heavy Furniture

July 16, 2020

The key to any successful move, especially when it comes to moving the heavy stuff, is to use your brain over your muscles – at least to start. Before you even lift a finger, you should ensure that all your heavy items can fit through openings, down hallways, and around corners. If the furniture can’t fit, you will have to disassemble it to make it work, or at least to avoid scratches on your walls, doors and floors.

Then it’s time to consider how you will move the heavy items with the least amount of strain. But hold up – why not save yourself the hassle and possible bodily injury, and hire professional overs instead? They come equipped with all the tools and equipment necessary to safely move or disassemble your heaviest items. If you insist on a DIY furniture move, though, heed these tips.

Packing Heavy Items

When moving heavy items, make the items lighter by removing all the contents. You’re just asking for trouble if you decide to move that bookcase with all the books still inside. Also, remove all inside shelves when moving heavy entertainment centers or large dressers. This will go a long way toward preventing damage that could occur when rotating the furniture to fit through the doors.

Take care with heavy items such as refrigerators, ovens, cupboards, etc. It’s wise to pack heavy items before moving, especially when it comes to wooden furniture. This way, you can preserve it and keep it from scratching, plus you will prevent damage such as stains to the walls. Always wrap heavy furniture in pads or blankets, securing them with tape.

Push, Don’t Pull

Pushing is easier, and more effective, than pulling. If you feel an item is too heavy to lift, push it instead. You’ll need help, of course, so the item doesn’t topple over. If you decide to push, use furniture pads or sliders under the legs, or lay blankets on the floor to prevent marks. If you’re planning to move refrigerator, for example, get behind it, lean it towards you, and then walk it slowly from side to side.

When you do have to lift things, remember to bend at the knees, not the waist. It’s important to carry the weight in your legs rather than your back. To settle the weight properly, squat at your knees for the initial lift rather than bend over, which places the bulk of the weight onto your arms and legs when you stand back up.

Remove Legs

Furniture can be awkward to move, due to all the legs and other parts. To move your couch, for example, lay it on its back or side, then slide it. If you can’t fit it through the doors, you’ll have to remove the legs. Sometimes, heavy furniture like large armoires or sectionals have to be hoisted through a window. We recommend in this case, at least, that you hire movers for this part.

You can take things a step further and take away all removable pieces of your furniture, including cushions, knobs, legs, and drawers, which can all be moved separately. For sectionals, you can break them down into smaller pieces; likewise, with bed frames. When removing screws or other small pieces, store those small items in a baggie and label it. This will make it much easier once you go to re-assemble everything again.


To get heavy items down the stairs, it’s helpful to use two boards as a ramp. Or, you could lay the object on a quilt or heavy blanket, controlling the descent with your shoulder as you make your way down. You will have to lift the leading edge of the skid with both hands. You should never attempt this on your own. One misstep and everything could come crashing down on you.

Moving TVs

Pick up plenty of blankets and furniture pads. You can get these from your moving company or a truck rental agency. They are designed to cover and fully protect the plasma or flat screen TV. However, if you still have the original box your TV came in, use this. If not, cover your TV with a furniture pad or blanket, being careful to wrap the TV gently. Secure with packing tape or rope. This is really a two-person or more job. Don’t be fooled by the seemingly light weight of some plasma TVs. Once you start moving it, you will realize just how heavy it really is.

If you decide in the end that you just can’t or don’t want to move your heavy furniture, call in the pros! Moving Proz.

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