Choosing the Best Office Movers in Kansas City

August 30, 2016

Facing a commercial move is perhaps one of the more stressful things you can go through as a business owner. After all, you have a lot of electronics, files, furniture, cubby walls and equipment to transfer from one place to another. Even if you’re just moving across town, this type of move can be daunting at best. Not with a trusted mover on your side, though! Choose the right partner in your journey and you’ll be smooth sailing before you know it.

Check out these tips for choosing the best business movers in Kansas City, the largest city in the state of Missouri:

Settle on a Mutually Convenient Date

While it’s not exactly easy to coordinate a commercial move, your task is made that much easier once you have a date to shoot for. Precision of timing is key, so when you call around to speak with movers, one of the first questions you need to pose is whether or not they are available on the date you have to move. Sometimes you have wiggle room on this date and sometimes you don’t. Rule out any company that cannot accommodate you. Remember: you have to do a lot of organizing of furniture, computers, documents, telephone systems, and filing cabinets, not to mention transferring of services such as the phone and Internet. You can’t be rushed or compromised.

Who Will Pack?

As said above, there are a lot of components to a commercial move. You can’t possibly pack up all your belongings AND run your business at the same time. Ask your moving company if they offer packing services, which can take a huge burden off your shoulders. Sure, you could do it yourself along with some willing employees to save a buck, but when you consider the time savings alone by letting the movers do it for you, the choice is clear. They show up with all the necessary supplies and equipment, such as boxes, tape and bubble wrap, plus they know how to expertly pack everything up and protect it for the journey. This way, you can avoid the downtime and loss of money and productivity that comes when you take days off due to a move.

The Costs

When calling around, be sure to ask for detailed rates and fee structures, as all movers may structure their fees differently. Don’t necessarily go with the one that offers rock bottom prices. You can’t afford to leave a move of this magnitude up to chance. No matter what you do, avoid companies that ask for all cash up front. Instead, get a breakdown of everything that contributes to the final price, such as:

  • Number of trucks needed to complete your move
  • Number of movers required for the job
  • Square footage of your office
  • Weight of your belongings
  • Amount of heavy equipment that must be moved
  • Overall difficulty of the move (i.e., a large office location at the top of a high rise will be more costly and labor-intensive than a small office on the ground floor.

Low rates don’t necessarily mean a low final bill, as there could be extra charges tacked on such as fuel charges that you weren’t aware of, says The Huffington Post.

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