5 Things a New Homeowner Should Change When Moving In

October 24, 2019

Moving Proz explains things a new homeowner should change when moving into a new home.

After you purchase your home and face move-in day, there are several things that need your attention – specifically, things that need to be changed. From window fixtures to lighting, don’t neglect these details as part of your residential move.

1.    Window Fixtures

Many people overlook window treatments but switching out those old curtain windows for shutters and blinds can make all the difference to the interior of your home. If you were left with no blinds all, this should be a priority so you can at least have privacy as a new homeowner. Blinds are necessary to control light, avoid energy leakage, encourage privacy and boost interior design.

2.    New Lighting

Changing the light fixtures is one of the easiest ways to increase the visibility and cost effectiveness of your home without major expense. Instead of old bulbs and fixtures, consider sleek recessed lighting, for example. Or maybe you want to incorporate some task lighting in your kitchen. Perhaps you can change all your incandescent bulbs to energy-saving LED lights. There are many ways to achieve a little extra energy efficiency while boosting aesthetics and function at the same time.

3.    Paint

Adding a fresh coat of paint works wonders. Not only can you freshen and brighten any room, you can disguise any marks or scuffs that may have been there from the previous owners.

4.    Flooring

If you moved into an older home, the flooring may be worn out. Rip up outdated carpeting, vinyl, and tile flooring and replace with classy hardwood. This will boost your property value, as well as eliminate any sources of allergens that may be hiding in rugs. It’s preferable to do this before you move in, as flooring changes can be quite invasive.

5.    Kitchen and Bath

This is a great time to upgrade the two most popular rooms in the house. They are highly functional areas that should operate at peak efficiency. They also come with the highest ROI of any project in the home. Consider:

  • Adding marble, quartz, or tile
  • Switching out a single-bowl kitchen sink with multiple bowls.
  • Putting in a new garbage disposal.
  • Replacing older toilets with low-flush, high-efficiency models.
  • Adding luxury shower and tub options.
  • Adding more cabinetry for more storage space.

Again, if you can tackle this type of project before move-in day, you will avoid the mess that comes with accommodating the scope of such a project.

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