4 Different Types of Packing Material You Need While Moving

October 9, 2014

What are the different types of packing material you need while moving houses? How do you make sure you buy the right material?

The method used to handle your belongings isn’t the only way to quickly and safely transport them to your new destination, as packing is just as important. Packing will make it easy to transport your belonging and will offer more protection in case of a mishap during the moving process. And the key here is to use the most suitable good quality material. Find out what are the different types of packing material you need while moving below…

1. Packing boxes:

Packing boxes are the most important moving material. Make sure you stock up on plenty of them before you begin moving. Before you buy them have a look around and check what size boxes you need. Also figure out how many you need. And when you go out to buy the boxes ensure they are of good quality. Good solid boxes will offer better protection than cheap ones. If you are on a tight budget, you could use the good ones to pack delicate and important items and use the cheaper ones for packing less important and sturdy items.

2. Packing tape:

Choose the right tape is important too. You don’t want to use the regular tape for this as you need something much thicker and robust. Good tape will ensure that you seal the packing boxes and other forms of packing material properly.

3. Bubble wrap:

If you are planning to move some delicate items like glass or have items you want to treat with care and avoid any form of damage then you need to use good bubble wrap. You have bubble wraps with bubbles of various sizes. So take good look at all the items that need to be packed with it and then purchase the appropriate sized bubble wrap.

4. Styrofoam:

If you would like to be extra careful, you can pack up your boxes with Styrofoam. They can give you another layer of protection.

These are the 4 types of packing material you need while moving. Ensure that you don’t skimp out on quality when you purchase them.

Are there any other types of packing material you need while moving houses? Please leave your comments below.

Image Credit: Nemo (1) and byrev (2)