3 Things to Avoid While Moving Houses

September 26, 2014

Moving houses is a problematic and stressful process and is very likely to happen imperfectly, especially if you are doing it for the first time. Even if you have done it a couple of times before, it is still going to be hard as you don’t do it very often. It is something that happens very rarely. To get the best results, here are 3 things to avoid while moving houses…

1. Not having a plan:

While moving, many people leave everything to the last minute as they don’t have a plan. As we mentioned above moving isn’t easy, but it can be simplified a lot by having a well thought out plan. In this plan you need to write down all the steps you plan to take and in what order and how much time is required. Also write down who you have assigned different tasks to, to make sure they are doing their job.

Even if you’re new to moving, you will find that a plan makes everything run smoothly. Therefore on a few sheets of paper clearly write it down.

2. Doing everything by yourself:

You might think you can do it all by yourself, but can you do it properly and in time. You might actually accomplish the task, but are you ready to go through all the troubles that come along. Hiring people or asking for help will help you cut short time, as many people will perform different tasks at the same time. Just ask yourself have you really got the time to accomplish this task on time? Quite often, people think they can finish certain things quickly, but it ends up taking more time. This extra time could be spared by hiring an expert who can finish the job in a few hours. You can then spend that valuable time doing something that’s more important and easy to perform.

3. Not getting your new house ready:

People make the mistake of preparing the house they are moving into only after they move in. But this needs to be done before. You need to ensure that you sort out things like electricity, phone connection, internet and other essentials before you move in as settling in will be simplified. Just think about things you can’t live without and set them up before you move in.

What other mistakes should people avoid while moving houses? Please let us know.

Image Credit: Ryan Ritchie Flickr