Brandon Martin

I was very, very stressed about my move. All the packing and disorganization was really getting to me. I decided that I was going to do it myself originally with the help of some friends in a U-haul. Then, when I realized how big the task really was, I just wanted it to be over and done with. I filled out a form online and got quotes from 5 other companies but there was something about Derek I liked. He was very genuine and I could tell he wanted to help. They gave me a quote that was a bit higher than most of the other ones but explained that the guys were amazing movers. I just went with my gut and chose Moving Proz. The guys were early which was perfect because I was ready for the job to be over and done with ASAP. They were very polite and well mannered and they worked really quickly. All of my belonging were disassembled with there power tools and then reassembled without a missing screw which was surprising. They got the job done early and then actually discounted me. Derek told me that they charge in increments of 15 min so I would never be overcharged. The guys were in and out and on the road before I knew it. I would never do this myself and I would call Moving Proz in a heartbeat again. Best decision I had ever made honestly.