How to Prep For Moving Out of State

An out of state move is stressful enough without adding all the logistics and packing into the mix. It can also be stressful knowing you are moving away from places you are familiar with, beloved family and friends, co-workers and

Why Trust Professionals With Your Move?

Were you aware that the ordinary American moves home 11.7 times in their lifetime? Most individuals do not look forward to the effort of moving homes. There is so much to plan and pack that it may be difficult to stay focused

A Brief History of Kansas City

If you’ve ever watched The Wizard of Oz, then you’ve certainly heard about Kansas. After all, the main character (Dorothy) told a nice witch (Glinda) that her greatest wish was to “get back to Kansas.” Dorothy may have had her

Why Retire to Kansas City?

Thinking of living out your Golden Years in Kansas City MO? Great choice. Not only is the cost of living well below the national average (94 as opposed to the national of 100), making KC one of the most affordable