What To Put In Your New Home’s First Aid Kit

From minor ailments to more serious injuries, every new home should have a first aid kit. Not only can such supplies reduce the risk of infection or an injury’s severity, they can treat cuts, scrapes, sprains and burns. It’s fairly

What Movers Won’t Pack and Why

When it’s time to pack up for your house move, there’s a lot to do. Not only do you have to purchase all the proper moving supplies, such as tape, boxes, and bubble wrap, you have to create a packing

4 Reasons to Move to Lee’s Summit MO

Home to 97,000, Lee’s Summit happens to be the sixth-largest city in both the state and within the Kansas City metro area. If you are thinking of relocating here, you’re in luck. Moving Proz specializes in residential and commercial moves

6 Tips for Moving With a Dog

If you have a furry friend and you’re facing a move, you may wonder how you can pull this off. A home move is a stressful time for humans, to be sure, but it’s also stressful for pets, especially dogs.

What to do With Packing Materials After a Move

As you start unpacking your things after moving into your new house, you’ll quickly realize that the packing materials are starting to take over the space. If you don’t find something to do with them, you’ll have another problem on

How to Pack Area Rugs for Moving

With a house move coming up and plenty of area rugs to contend with, you may be wondering how best to move these heavy, awkward items to save on space – not to mention the toll on your back. As