5 Tips for Moving Long Distances

The open road stretches in front of you: you’re on your way to your new home! A move of this magnitude can be daunting to say the least, especially when you factor in hundreds or thousands of miles of travel

6 Things People Forget to do Before They Move

Moving is stressful. Your mind is full of everything you have to do before the big day, plus you have to keep track of the daily activities of your family, work and personal life. Naturally, you’re going to forget things,

Guide to Planning Your Move in Kansas City

Kansas City is known by a lot of affectionate nicknames — the Paris of the Plains, Heart of America — but one thing’s for sure: it’s a place that 470,000 people call home. And it’s no wonder: it’s got 250

3 Things Kansas City is Famous For

Kansas City, the biggest city and second biggest metro area in the Sunflower State, was founded in 1830s and is now the 37th largest city by population in the entire country. Home to 470,000, Kansas City is known for many